Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting

Unlocking Creation

Vacuum Casting is a versatile manufacturing technique designed to produce functional parts in limited volumes. This process leverages two-component polyurethane and silicone moulds to create high-quality plastic parts with finishes akin to those achieved through injection moulding. The quality of the master model, typically crafted via SLA, is pivotal in maintaining excellence throughout production.


HIGHLY DETAILED PARTS vacuum casting services in mumbai

Highly Detailed Parts

Intricate details with exceptional resolution
MATERIAL VARIETY vacuum casting production abs parts

Material Variety

Broad range of materials
SWIFT TURNAROUND vacuum casting

Swift Turnaround

Rapid production cycles
LOW VOLUME PRODUCTION silicone moulding service in mumbai

Low Volume Production

Efficiently manufacture limited quantities

Our Post Processing Offerings

Our Material Offerings


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