Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography (SLA)

Unlocking Technique

Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing method that transforms liquid photopolymer resin into solid objects when exposed to light. A laser or light source maps each layer and selectively cures it. This process repeats until the object is finished, making SLA ideal for highly detailed parts, intricate sculptures, jewellery moulds, and prototypes.



Exceptional Detail

Utmost precision and accuracy
VERSATILE SIZING SLA 3d printing in bangalore

Versatile Sizing

Consistent quality for varied sizes
Outstanding Resolution sla 3d printing in mumbai

Outstanding Resolution

Highest quality standards
Quality Surface Finish SLA 3d printing in india

Quality Surface Finish

Smooth, flawless surface finishes
MINIMAL SHRINKAGE OR WARPING stereolithography 3d printing

Minimal Shrinkage/Warping

Reliable results with minimal distortion
turnaround time SLA resin 3d printing in gujarat

Rapid Turnaround Time

Quick production, reduced lead time

Our Post Processing Offerings

Our Material Offerings


Why Choose Tesseract for Stereolithography (SLA)?

At Tesseract, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology, and our expertise in stereolithography (SLA) sets us apart as industry leaders. Stereolithography is a revolutionary additive manufacturing process that uses a laser to cure liquid resin into solid 3D objects with incredible precision. Whether you’re developing prototypes, functional parts, or intricate models, Tesseract’s stereolithography services offer unmatched quality and reliability.

Applications & Use Cases


Our SLA technology captures the finest details, creating parts with intricate features and smooth surfaces. This precision makes it ideal for applications requiring high accuracy, such as dental models, jewelry, and complex prototypes.


Tesseract’s SLA capabilities can accommodate a wide range of sizes, from small, intricate pieces to larger models up to 1500mm in length. This versatility allows us to meet diverse client needs across various industries.


With layer thicknesses as fine as 25 microns, our stereolithography services produce parts with exceptional resolution. This high level of detail ensures that your designs are faithfully reproduced, from the smallest features to the overall geometry.


Our SLA parts boast superior surface finishes, reducing the need for extensive post-processing. The smooth and glossy finish of our SLA prints enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the final product.


SLA processes minimize shrinkage and warping, ensuring dimensional stability and accuracy. This consistency is crucial for parts that require tight tolerances and precise fitment.


We understand that time is of the essence in product development. Our efficient SLA workflow allows us to deliver high-quality parts quickly, helping you meet tight deadlines and accelerate your project timelines.

Partnering with Tesseract for your stereolithography needs means choosing innovation, precision, and reliability. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every project, big or small, receives the highest level of care and attention. Experience the future of 3D printing with Tesseract, where your ideas are transformed into reality with unparalleled detail and accuracy.

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