Artists are renowned for their creativity and innovation. Throughout history, we’ve seen art adapt to changes in technology. With that said, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most to find that they’ve embraced 3D printing technology with open arms.

With a 3D printer, an artist has the means to create anything they want — yes, anything! This technology has been introduced to almost every single branch of the art world, and the end products are astounding.

Some of our Work

Vitruvian Man Sculpture by Leonardo Da Vinci

Color – glossy white finish
Material – PETG


  • Creating a 3d Design’s
  • preparing the files for printing (printed in 13 pieces)
  • completed 3d printing in 3 days
  • post printing, assembly and finishing (includes, assembly>sanding>primer)
  • final painting and laquer coating.

Taxi Calendar/Pen Holder for Mumbai Mirrored Campaign

  • Technology: SLA
  • Material: White Resin
  • Client Requirement – A Momento that reminds the receiver of Icons of Mumbai lifeline.

Miniature Model of Yatch Model Vancouver 32

  • Technology: SLA Mould which was casted in Brass with Electroplating
  • Material: PETG
  • Client Requirement – Winning Trophy for Annual Regatta (Sailing Championship of Bombay Customs Yatch Club)

3D Frame of the Iconic Mumbai Customs Headquarters

  • Technology: FDM
  • Material – ABS
  • Client Requirement – A Momento to be gifted to the retiring Employees of the Customs Department

Batch Manufacturing of Momento

  • Technology: FDM
  • Material – PLA
  • Client Requirement – Manufacturing 600 pieces of the Momento in 5 days

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