What is 3D Printing ?

It is the process of creating a 3-dimensional object by laying down successive layers of material.

It's nothing but "2D Printing over and over again"

It's also known as Additive Manufacturing

2D Printing Vs 3D Printing


People often confuse 3D Printing with printing a holographic effect on paper. This is because of the use of the word “Printing” in 3D Printing.


That’s why we prefer to use the term, “Additive Manufacturing”.

Our everyday printers use only the X and Y Axis to print on paper or other flat surfaces. They may print in either single or multi-colour ink.

However, 3D Printers use the X, Y and Z-Axis to create a product from scratch by adding layer upon layer of material fed into it. This material may either be plastic, resin, nylon powder or even metal.

How does it work ?


Step 1 : The IDEA

It all begins with the germination of an idea.

You have a new innovative idea for a surgical cast, a wearable, a piece of jewellery or even a mode of transportation like a bicycle and

3D PRINTING will help you build a functional prototype and in some cases the final product itself.

Step 2 : The DESIGN

You will need a virtual design of the object, called a Computer Aided Design (CAD) File. CAD Files can be created using a 3D Modelling Software or a 3D Scanner.

3D Scanners are used in reverse engineering, especially when you want to replicate an existing object with minimum modifications.

3D Modelling Softwares help in creating three dimensional digital representations of the object. 

Step 3 : 3D PRINTING

The CAD File then sent to a 3D Printer which then lays down successive layers of materials to build the object.  Each of these layers is a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the final object. 

There are various technologies available in 3D printing, each differing in the way the layers are built to create the final object.

What materials can be used for 3D Printing?


What are the different technologies used for 

3D Printing?





Material Jetting

Binder Jetting

Metal Printing


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