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Design is the first step to bring your idea to life. We at Tesseract have expert modelers and designers who can create high quality designs after carefully understanding your requirements.

We have designed and created 3D Models for engineers, architects, product developers, automobile companies, IOT and wearable start-ups.


Whether you require complete design for your product from scratch, or need your 2D Drawings to be converted into 3D Models, we do it all.

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3D Printing Services


New to 3D Printing ! To know what is 3D Printing and how does it work, click HERE

We provide high quality 3D Printing services in a variety of materials like plastic, high detail resin, nylon and even metal.

Being a nascent industry, consumers and businesses alike are confused about what can and cannot be 3D Printed.  We are here to solve all your doubts regarding 3D Printing and help bring your idea to life. Whether you need an architectural model, an engineering prototype or even a customized gift for your loved one, we can 3D print it all.

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Reverse Engineering


Original Part

3D Scan


CAD Model

Our reverse engineering techniques will allow you to digitize your old parts and create a CAD model of the same for future reproduction of the parts. The physical object is first scanned using a 3D Scanner. There are various 3D Scanning technologies available such as White Light, Blue Light, Laser Light and Structure Light Scanners. After scanning, the measured data is usually represented as a point cloud and requires further processing for it to be usable as a CAD Model. Once we have the CAD model, it can be used to make prototypes of the physical object or go in for hard/soft tooling of the same.


In today’s world of rapid manufacturing, manufacturers need not maintain high inventory of spare parts. Our digitalized inventory and rapid manufacturing solutions will help you optimize your inventory carrying costs.

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Tooling & Molding

Once you have prototyped your design and are ready to move towards large scale manufacturing of the product, we can help you select the right process when it comes to tooling and molding.

The Mold is a hollow block that give shape to the end product when molten or hot liquid material is poured into it. Molds are made of different materials and it’s very important to choose the right type of mold suitable to the material and the quantity required of the final product.

There are various processes of molding but the two most commonly used processes are injection molding and urethane molding. The major difference between the two is that urethane molding produces parts from silicone, whereas injection molding produce parts from steel or aluminum (soft and hard tooling).