Did you know that Iron Man’s Costume from the blockbuster film was 3D Printed? So what is the reason for dependency on 3D Printing? The answer lies in the simple fact of time and cost saving.

3D Printing is quite useful in this sector to develop props for movies and even Set Creation.  3D scanning, 3D design, and 3D printing are now starting to take more and more space in cinema.

How many of us have seen the Netflix Series Stranger Things?  Did you know that 3D printing was used to develop the design of the Demogorgon, Additive manufacturing was the best way for them to bring the digital model to a physical form. 3D printing is the perfect method to work on the R&D process of the designs of characters. 3D Printing offers to provide the best solution as the design iterations can be made quickly and easily resulting in high detailing of characters and products.

3D Printing is also used in the entertainment industry to make customized costumes. 3D Printed Costumes were used for Black Panther, which fused Traditional African culture together with technology.3D printing helps transcend the limitations faced earlier, allowing CAD Designers the complete liberty to originate their thoughts and ideas to reality.

A lot of props and costumes have been 3D printed for the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The famous stormtroopers helmet and some part of C3PO have been manufactured using the additive manufacturing technology. 3D Printing has also been used by the teams working on The Lords of The Rings and The Hobbits to manufacture some costumes.

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