3D printing has started to change the architectural world. The technology has been hailed as the coming of the third industrial revolution. As the technology evolves, items can now also be printed out of materials like masonry, concrete and wood by designers and architects.

Realistic Scale Models and Concepts

A realistic scale and concept model can help the development and engineering crews to visualize the structure they are building as it offers them with more than just a resource and a reference point.

The scale model helps them understand and envision the final outcome of what they are building, before they even start working. Scale models can allow new possibilities and designs to be tried and also test the durability of structures before they are made.

Interior Design

3D printing can be used in interior design projects, too. This technology allows architects to design objects like lamps, facades, panels, sculptures, furniture and decorative objects that can be 3D modelled and printed to be directly used as finished products and enhance interior designs.

3D Printed Houses/ Office Space

Building an entire house is a very difficult job that involves a lot of people, money, and time, but in recent years, a lot of 3D printed house prototypes have emerged, proving that it’s possible to 3D print an entire home with sustainable materials in a few weeks and with a very affordable price. One of these prototypes has been built in Austin, Texas. This printer uses a special concrete mix as a building material and it’s designed to work under limited conditions. The main goal of the company is to reduce the housing problem for those who needs an affordable shelter. Perhaps 3D printing will be the solution for many architects to construct in a more efficient way.

Some of our Work

Sitting under the Tree Sculpture

The fully 3D Printed installation art work at Mumbai International Airport by Nuru Karim “Nudes” in collaboration with Krishnamurthy’s “@Foldsdesignstudio” celebrates the growth and prosperity of the state of Maharashtra. The growth and energy of the state is captured through flowing lines, vectors and surfaces that gradually rise from the ground to occupy the space of an all-encompassing canopy symbolising the state as both “protector” and “mentor”. It not only has the ability to to catalyse the conversations through its powerful presence but also act as eyes, ears and soul of the “forest”. The Art work is designed using cutting edge digital design and 3D Printing technologies to ring in the prosperity of the state since independence and its contribution to the nation building process. “Jhada” is an ambitious art work exploring a scale and fabrication process that has been unprecedented in the country. All of the art work is completely 3D Printed in a farm managed by Tesseract in Mumbai making it the largest 3D Printed artwork built from arguably the largest 3D Printing farm in the country. It took only 10 days to make the structure.

3D Printed Moulds used to cast Terrazo stone to make bench

3D Printing is used to make complex moulds which are used to cast terrazzo stone reinforced with metal rods. With the help of these moulds we were able to cast these complex structures in a matter of just 7 days for the end to end process right from 3D printing to installing the final product. Achieving this structure would have been very time consuming/expensive if the traditional method of hand carving from a block of stone would have been followed.

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